Black and White Abstract

Everyone who knows me knows I struggle in Photoshop however I am determined to get this program down.  Here is an image I took today and decided to totally play with it and see what I could come up with…… totally digging this abstract photography.



Abstract Photography

I love the look and feel of abstract photography and how people view abstract art.  For me it amazes me how this art form has the ability to open one’s mind and let’s their imagination run free.

When shooting abstract art I love how the images take on different forms, shapes and textures, as a photographer I feel extremely creative and always excited to see what I am going to capture.  Here are three images that I captured using water, oil and different textured paper…………..  Your comments are always welcomed.

Keep Doing What Photographers Do……

Well what does a photography student do when they are done with a quarter…..

You keep photographing anything around you however I haven’t figured out why I enjoy photographing apples.

I just received my new 28-300 lens an early birthday present from my hubby so I thought I’d play around with it…… so “apples” are my victim today.


Little Miss Ava



This was my first time photographing a little bugger in a studio and Ava was a real trooper and a joy to photograph.  Ava taught me a lot when it comes to photographing children and how important it is to communicate with them helping to put them at easy.  It was Ava’s first time being in a studio with tons of lighting and people and as photographers we need to be aware how intimidating it can be for the little ones we are photographing.  Ava loves modeling and one day hopes to have a career in it… GOOD LUCK AVA YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY.

The Power of Mother Nature and Man


With this image I wanted to convey the message of “Mother Nature and Man” and the power each holds.  For me, I realize that I don’t stop and take in the beauty of nature or  for my fellow human-beings and the impact each has on my life on so many levels.

Mother Nature and Man are both amazingly beautiful, undeinable strong and horffiically violent, they both give birth and experience death are both vulnerable and dependent on each other.

We as people see the beauty that Mother Nature creates and fight to protect it, I just wish we as a people would take our love of nature and put that same feeling towards our fellow man to help protect it as we do with nature.  We need to protect life with every bit of respect and passion as we have for the beauty that Mother Nature gives us.

So today take a moment and tell your family you love them, be kind to a stranger with a simple smile and stop for a moment and take in the beauty of Mother Nature and realize how blessed we are.



Still Life_

This week I completed this still life which I wanted to capture something very dear to me….. “My Faith.”  The colors I choose in the flower arrangement represent many aspect of my faith and are added in the flower arrangement…….. purple is for passion, white for virginity, and yellow for the resurrection.  Each day try and remember to take a few seconds to find a peaceful moment and reflect on what’s important to you.