Let’s have a little fun today…. take a few minutes and tell me what you see in the images.

Purple POP


It’s funny I get up every morning and look around the house to see what I can play with in hopes in capturing an image with my buddy Gordon (aka my camera).   This morning while loading the dishwasher my eyes focused on the dish soap so I decided to see what playing with a little soap and water I could get.

To my surprised I didn’t realize what a little soap and water could create, the beautiful shapes and the amazing colors I captured this morning opened my eyes to another world of photography.  I love how light totally changes the look and feel of an image and the beauty you can capture.   In this image I really like how the light bounces off the prisms in the bubbles and gives you the ability to see the shapes that are created and as well as the beautiful colors inside each prism.

Thank you for indulging me on my new creative process I am going through and as usual I would LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK.


Acrylic Blast

Had some fun this morning photographing images with acrylic paint….. Totally diggin the color and movement of these images.

I would really enjoy your feedback, tell me what you see and are feeling with this type of abstract art.

Cotton and Wood



Two images captured of items around the house… CAN YOU GUESS WHAT THEY ARE?

Who Knew A Green Onion Is BLUE


Today I decided to find things in the house to use in my photography to create abstract photography.   I’m amazed what you have around your home especially in your kitchen that can be used to create something.   Today I used a green onion and photographed the inside layers of the green onion I love the different shapes and textures the inside created.    WHO KNEW A GREEN ONION COULD TURN IN TO SOME CRAZY ABSTRACT ART.

Please feel free to comment I would totally enjoy to hear what you have to say and what you see when looking at the image.

Psychedelic Infusion

I love the movement and colors of this image I captured so reminds me of the 1960s.

Black and White Abstract

Everyone who knows me knows I struggle in Photoshop however I am determined to get this program down.  Here is an image I took today and decided to totally play with it and see what I could come up with…… totally digging this abstract photography.


Abstract Photography

I love the look and feel of abstract photography and how people view abstract art.  For me it amazes me how this art form has the ability to open one’s mind and let’s their imagination run free.

When shooting abstract art I love how the images take on different forms, shapes and textures, as a photographer I feel extremely creative and always excited to see what I am going to capture.  Here are three images that I captured using water, oil and different textured paper…………..  Your comments are always welcomed.

Keep Doing What Photographers Do……

Well what does a photography student do when they are done with a quarter…..

You keep photographing anything around you however I haven’t figured out why I enjoy photographing apples.

I just received my new 28-300 lens an early birthday present from my hubby so I thought I’d play around with it…… so “apples” are my victim today.