Keeping it Simple but Colorful

2D119070-D8EB-402D-A1AC-A57F26826C1BSometimes you just need to keep things SIMPLE



Still Life_

This week I completed this still life which I wanted to capture something very dear to me….. “My Faith.”  The colors I choose in the flower arrangement represent many aspect of my faith and are added in the flower arrangement…….. purple is for passion, white for virginity, and yellow for the resurrection.  Each day try and remember to take a few seconds to find a peaceful moment and reflect on what’s important to you.

Women’s March in Spokane Washington

As a photography student this was my first opportunity shooting any type of documentary photography, I found it fun and actually it felt amazing to just have the chance to shoot a moment in Spokane’s history.


Saying “I LOVE YOU” Without Words

Sometimes saying “I LOVE YOU” can lose it’s meaning when it’s said everyday without true meaning.

I shot these images to say “I LOVE YOU” to Raymond, Jayson and Micheal sometimes saying something so meaningful can be more meaningful when you put YOUR HEART into it…..



My New Years Wish from Me to You

Happy-New-Year-2018I don’t make New Years resolutions however this is what I hope for………

Please hold your family and friends close and remember to tell them you love them and cherish your friendships you’ve made.

Remember to treat people with kindness no matter what their religious, political officiation, race or how they identify…. Treating people with kindness it is a blessing that you give them everyday.

I am BLESSED to have Raymond Bush, Jayson Bush and Micheal Bush, Holly Gordon Bush and Amora Chreiki and Zuzu without you I would be lost and I hold each of you close to my heart and LOVE YOU DEARLY.

To my MILITARY FAMILY I love you all dearly and I’m so much better as a human for having you in my life you all have taught me so much about life I can’t put into words.

To my fellow PHOTOGRAPHY STUDENTS... create the most beautiful art and document the world as you see it…. thank you for your support you’ve given me.

Bless each of you this coming New Years….. Now go kick ass in 2018

Product Photography & Godox AD200 Lights

Santa was EXTREMELY kind to me this year aka my hubby…..  I received two Godox AD200 Lights, two Octaboxes, two Diffusers and Color Gels I can’t thank Santa enough.

I find lighting fun as well as extremely challenging.  Switching from YN560IV speed lights to the Godox AD200 lights I found there is a HUGE difference in the amount of power the Godox lights have which makes learn your lighting settings all over again.  But with practice comes perfection…. Boy do I need to practice LOL.

I shot today with my Nikon D750, 105mm lens, two Godox lights, one YN560IV speed light for the background light with a Magmod Magbeam/gel and the Godox lights were set at 128th power and the YN560IV was 1/2 power in the image with the orange background.  I found in both images I really had to move my lighting around multiple times until I found what I wanted, however the glass in the orange image I just couldn’t get the glare off of it…. Highly frustrating.

As always your feedback is very much welcome and remember……….keep clicking my fotog friends.

Jim Has a Special Message


Jim is very camera-shy however I was able to sneak this image of him the other night and was so happy with it I thought I’d share it with everyone.   Jim is my sisters Jenny’s dog and visiting for the holidays.  Jim is also visiting with is three other dog cousins and is so happy to see them……he is absolutely the best dog and Jim asked me to tell everyone…………

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 

Practice, PRACTICE, Practice

While I have been on winter break from my Photography Program I have been practicing my lighting by doing a different photo shoot everyday.

So today’s shoot was with a very reflective bottle and lighting……. I soon learned how lucky I am as a student in my college photography program to has professional lighting.  Trying to emulate professional lighting techniques with my speedlights I find to be very challenging to say the least.   PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE is the name of the game, continue to challenge yourself and don’t give up.

Below are three of my images I captured over a two day period, I think I must have taken a hundred images and these are my three favorites………