Pre-Product Scouting, Research and Notes

Product Shoot Notes

The decision making on what exactly I was shooting changed at the very last minute due to a dozen extremely delicious cupcakes coming all the way from Seattle from the BEST bakery every… “Cakes of Paradise.”

So I had to toss out my first plan and start over again and think how I was going to shoot the cupcakes and for me the creative staging is somewhat hard for me. However after doing some research I soon realized that shooting cupcakes could be done in my kitchen and dining room so that is exactly where I did the assignment.

When I chose my kitchen I looked at what I thought would be the best counter to use by the lighting that was available and what I thought would be eye appealing and what products in my kitchen I could use for accessories.

This assignment will give me the opportunity to work with my new speed lights and assess how to place them in the kitchen to light my cupcakes.


Scouting Images and Lighting Setup

Research Images for Product and Person w/Product Shoot



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