Post-Production Product Shoot

The assignment for “”Product in Place & Product and Person” I shot the “Product in Place” of the assignment three times because I wasn’t happy with the creative aspect of the images and felt I wasn’t really showing off my product to its full potential.

I completed about 2 hours of research just looking at the creative side of shooting food photography concentrating on cupcakes and dessert photography. What I came away with was you had to photography the desserts where they made people want to eat them, make their mouth water so that was what I aimed for. As you can see in my before and after shots there is a big difference in the photographs once I brainstormed and I allowed myself to became more creative and just experimented.

First Image I shot which I wasn’t happy with…….so I shot again and the below images are my final images



Final Shot of Cupcakes…. I think I got it with this shot

Cupcake 2.jpg


Product and Person (Final Shot)

ray cupcakes.jpgI study lighting food/dessert photography and looked at lighting setups with speed lights. I found examples of lighting cupcakes and I decided to go with two light setup hoping I could get a more depth and color vibrancy in my image.   I shot at least 60 images before I finally got the lighting where I liked it. I wanted the chocolate of the cupcakes to look super moist so I placed one light to the left of the camera just above the cupcakes at a 45 degree angle to highlight the frosting and the top of the cupcake and the other light on the right side of the camera where it lite the back of the cupcakes. I shot at various setting however the image I liked the best I shot at a 400 ISO at F3 at a 1/20.

Speed Light Setup

Use this to share your lighting setup or to document your setup for future reference. Email me at kevin@kertzdesign for comments and/or suggestions. Not for commercial use.

I also changed the location of where I shot the cupcakes from the kitchen to my dining room where I thought I could control my lighting better. My kitchen is extremely white and I didn’t like how the esthetics of the kitchen shot just didn’t enhance my images. Again in my research I found many ways to shoot my images so I completely regrouped what I wanted to do and I believe the current shot shows my product off in a professional image verse my first product shoot.

Overall I found out that I hold myself back when I think that I am not creative enough in areas of photography that I’m not really interested in, however I found out that isn’t the truth and once I dug in and just let myself go I can come away with a pretty good image.   So not only did I learn something about me I also came away fairly proud of my final shot.


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