Pre-Production Scouting, Research for Business Story

With this assignment we are assigned to complete research of how we would like to shoot a local business and highlight their business in creative images highlighting the business and services they provide.  I have chosen to photograph the Gathering House Cafe which serves amazing coffee and the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches in located in the Historical Garland District of Spokane Washington.

Below are some of the research images that I found and hope to try and recreate in my photo shoot of the Gathering House Cafe.

I am shooting with a Nikon D750 and will be using my 50mm 1:1.8 lens and will play with the different exposure setting and aperture settings.  Lighting I have found to be extremely difficult due to the lighting within the facility and huge windows that completely surround the front of the building.  I am going to shoot with both natural lighting as well as use speed lights.  My speed lights will be used to give more lighting to the service area of the cafe and to add more lighting to the area.

Here are a few of my scouting images that I have shot to help me plan and research how I want to use lighting and shoot the business.

On Wednesday I go back to shoot my final images and shoot images of the amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and the CEO of the cafe.


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