Self-Directed Portfolio Development Assignment

For this assignment we are developing images for our individual portfolio’s and I found myself really not to sure what I wanted to do……. however our sons upcoming wedding gave me the opportunity to shoot my first engagement photo session.

I must admit I am not looking at going into wedding photography at all however this gave me the opportunity to see if in fact I still felt that way and I will also say photography your son and future daughter in laws engagement photos was just a little stressfull for me becuase this isn’t my area of interest and I really wanted to do as good as I possible could for them.

I wish I could have had the opportunity to photography earlier in the season so the trees still had their fall colors to enhance my images however with the short notice I got to work and did my research on what images the kids were looking for which were very simple images per their request.  Below are a few of the images the kids selected which were very low-key because that’s what they felt represented them.

Since they wanted their images simple we choose Franklin Park to shoot their photos it’s a nice local park which has many types of trees and buildings that we thought would work well for their engagement photo session.

For lighting I will be using my speed lights for the fill and main lighting below are my ideas for lighting scenario and will be using my Nikon D750 and my 50mm lens.  The weather has been extremely cloudy and very rainy so I know I’ll have my changelles with lighting in shooting this session.


Next blog I will be posting my final images wish me luck.



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