Self-Directed Portfolio Development Part Two of the Assignment — Engagement Photo Session

Project Analysis

Photographing a couples engagement images I found to be very stressful as well as inspiring and pushed my abilities in areas that I can see I need to really work on such as composition, lighting, and preparation.  I found that in doing this session I had to really understand the couple and what they wanted in their images to reflect them.  I was pretty lucky because my relationship with this couple is extremely close…. they are my son and our future daughter in law so I had to try and do my best to capture them as I know them.

Their original photography they had chose was unable to actually do the photo session so they asked me if I would shoot the photo session for them.  TALK ABOUT STRESSFUL because I didn’t want to let them down.  With just starting my photography education I wasn’t sure I had the skills to actually do them justice by shooting their engagement photos….. But they had total faith in me and we did it and I will say they are more than happy with their photos I capture.

The weather was not at all the best extremely cloudy, cold and wet from all the rain we’ve been having so I was worried about the location we choose because of the lack of colors in the trees and the lack of pretty lighting.  Planning is a must when shoot a couple engagement photos however with our close relationship I found that because I know them well I knew exactly how to capture them and that was to let them be themselves and have fun in front of the camera.  The ability to capture them acting naturally made my job so much easier, however I really need to master my lighting and my editing skills to really make my images pop.

Below are the images I captured of them and I have to say I think I did fairly well but again my lighting and editing skills must improve because that is a huge part of fulfilling a clients needs when shooting any type of photography for them and to give them an exceptional product that they will cherish for years.

Below are just a few of my images I capture for our kids…. Congratulations on your engagement and THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to capture this moment for you both.


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