Studio Portfolio Session Featuring Havalah

In this assignment we were tasked with shooting images that are “portfolio” quality.     My model today is Havalah a fellow photography student. Havalah is a stunning young women and I am completely honored to have her modeling for my studio session today.  Charles also a fellow photography student and an amazing photographer assisted me today and was a very big help in me capturing my images below, he also has been a great mentor to me………  Thank you both for your help I am truly appreciative and I had an amazing time.

As I grow as a photographer I am finding I truly love shooting in the studio and capturing people and the beauty that we all have inside.  What amazes me even more is when I started this journey I swore I only wanted to be a landscape photographer and as I grow as a photographer I am finding more and more I really do love photographing people.

I am curious to see where the next year takes me in my photography and I hope one day I can give back to my community by photographing people and capturing them in a special moment and create a memory that will be timeless.

Below is the start of building my portfolio and am excited to see how it grows over the next year.  I hope to build a body of work that people will want me to capture them and their beauty………………….


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