My Promotional Leave Behinds

Oh boy this was the MOST DIFFICULT assignment for me this whole quarter.  Designing my leave behinds pushed my creative and design skills to another level and using Photoshop is a struggle.

The below products are not what I turned in for my assignment so I chose to start the design process all over again because I was completely unhappy with my first product I produced….. so I sat myself down in front of my computer and just forced myself to really work on something that was more eye appealing and somewhat professional looking.

The first two images you see below are the mock ups of the front and back of my business card, the third image is my bulk mailing promotional flier and the last is a very simple letterhead.

I now have a new respect for Graphic Designers and completely understand that if I want a truly professionally designed promotional materials I am going to have to spend the money and have them designed for me and how my promotional materials will impact my business.  Your promotional materials MUST BE AMAZING straight out the gate to ensure you are promoting your business in the best possible way….. This assignment has showed me many things in how everything you do will affect your business and everything you do represents your business and not putting an effort into this can destroy your business fast.




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