Research for Promotional Leave Behinds

In this assignment we are to research promotional “leave behinds” which reflect our style of photography.  Leave behinds vary from mailing fliers, business cards, t-shirts just about anything can be made into a leave behind however you want the product to make an impact on the member who receives it and the item should make them want to keep it to remember you by and hopefully higher you in the future.

We are to research what we would like our leave behinds to look like and they reproduce the look ourselves, however this is going to be extremely difficult for me because i am in NO WAY a Graphic Designer.  In actuality I would either higher a company and/or a Graphic Designer to create my promotional materials to ensure the quality and design I am going for because I want my products to look completely professional.  However in my next blog we are to design and post our leave behind designs for our assignment and I must admit I am not looking forward to posting that blog so please understand the lack of wow factor…. LOL.  I am going to use Photoshop to product my leave behinds and will post those in my next blog.

My area of photography is contemporary women’s photography so I would like my leave behinds to be bold and dramatic like the research material I have found below



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