My Journey and Gordon

Let me introduce you to “Gordon” aka my Nikon D750.  Gordon has taken me on an amazing journey the last year in a half when we both started the Photography Program at Spokane Falls Community College.  I’ve had many people ask me why I named my camera “Gordon”….. well it’s a long story.  At a very young age I discovered the amazing photographer “Gordon Parks” who impacted me through his fashion and civil rights photography and from that point I’ve always wanted to learn the art of photography.

I also would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my husband Raymond Bush and our sons Jayson and Micheal who have encouraged me through my process of learning the art of photography……… they have been unwilling models at times but anything to help their mom succeed has always been important to them.

Learning photography has been one heck of a journey to say the least.  I’ve had some AMAZING people helping and one of them is an instructor of mine Erik Sohner.  Erik is not only an amazing photographer he is absolutely an dedicated instructor that teaches with passion and wants to see his students succeed and I can’t THANK HIM ENOUGH.  Also, I can’t THANK many of my fellow students enough for all their help, guidance and support, without you all my journey would have been much harder.




Musicians Bringing Joy To Our Souls

Street musicians bringing joy to our ears……… I love walking around and capturing the joy on peoples faces while playing their instruments……. Art through music and photography coming together.

Walking The Neighborhood

Its been a rough couple of weeks due to being sick, however I decided to do what makes me happy……. I picked up my sweet little lady which is my Nikon D750 and hit the streets of the Garland District located in Spokane Washington.  I love the Garland District and the vibe of the area….. great people, art, musicians and restaurants…….. you must visit if you haven’t.  Before I knew it I’d been photographing for three hours and feeling so much better…. Fresh air, my camera and being creative truly helps one soul.

Product Fashion Assignment

Our assignment this week was to shoot a product fashion image.   This was what I created and really enjoyed photographing the image.  I find lighting and being creative something I struggle with at times, however I find I put way to much pressure on myself I just need to learn to trust myself and let my camera guide me and just shoot.

product fashion_L10.jpg